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Why Are Barn Conversions So Popular?

Barn conversions have become increasingly popular as time goes on, especially in the countryside. More and more people are buying land with barns already established to save cost on materials and own a unique dwelling. If you’re considering a conversion of your own, then read on to find out more.

What Is A Barn Conversion

A barn conversion is exactly as it sounds, it converts a barn into part of your home’s living space. It’s often favoured by those looking to transform an existing structure into a dwelling and comes with a variety of benefits. The only drawback is the occasional planning issue, which is essential to consider before purchasing and beginning construction. We cover this in more detail below.

The Legal Requirements Associated With Barn Conversions

The allure of a barn conversion is not just about its rustic aesthetic and spacious rooms. After 2014, the law was changed so that any barn that is:

  • Under 465 square metres
  • Used for agricultural purposes for over 10 years
  • Only ever used for agriculture since its construction

Can be converted into a home. This means that if a barn meets these requirements, you can convert it for far less cost than a standard new build, whilst taking advantage of the rural surroundings and structural advantages of an old barn.

Different Styles

Barns aren’t a one-size-fits-all kind of structure, they can be designed to meet a variety of different styles. We’ve outlined below what the three most popular styles are, but ensure there are no restrictions on building regulations for your home before committing to a design:


Contemporary barn conversions take advantage of the common flat roof to integrate aluminium and sharp edges in order to achieve a modern architectural look. Although the ability to install a design like this does depend on the location of that barn, and matching the landscape surrounding it.

Rustic Farmhouse

The classic barn conversion look, a rustic farmhouse is the quintessential design for an old barn. It marries high ceilings, exposed timber beams and a warm, natural aesthetic to match a timeless design style.

Room With Exposed Oak Beams And Wooden Floor


Sustainable barn conversions are a popular choice due to how they blend into the environment around them, whilst minimising impact. Green roofs, biomass boilers, and solar panels are key features of a sustainable home.

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