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Barn Conversion: Transforming An Old Barn Into A Cosy Home

Barn Conversions

Interested in barn conversion? Turning an agricultural outhouse into a liveable residence is an exciting project. If you’re interested in taking on the challenge, here are the steps you need to take to turn a barn into a home.

Finding The Perfect Canvas

If you’re looking at barn conversion, you may be asking yourself where to start. Firstly, you’ll need to find a barn. That could be one on your property or one that you seek out. If you’re looking, there are several routes to finding a project.

Contacting estate agents may get the ball rolling, or even looking at granted planning permissions in your local authority. Many of these buildings may not be on the market, so you can investigate the area to look for any suitable buildings for your project. Consider whether you prefer timber, stone or brick barns and this could narrow your search.

Securing Permission

A barn conversion is always an exciting journey. However, the amount of paperwork may be daunting. Once you’ve found your ideal location, you need to make sure it’s possible to turn it into a home. All barns are different, and some may even be listed, in which case you will need to apply for consent.

Many barns now come under permitted development rights (Class Q). This means that if your building meets the criteria, you may not have to apply for full planning permission. However, you still need approval from your local planning authority before starting any work.

Quite often, an ecological assessment will be required too. This is because barns are usually found in rural areas with the large possibility they are inhabited by some protected wildlife. This survey will decide whether your conversion will disturb the local protected wildlife, such as bats or owls.

Retaining Character

There is an abundance of design opportunities when you take on a barn conversion. Exposed bricks and mezzanine floors are charming features of potential projects. Converters are usually encouraged to keep the character of the old barn. Large ceilings, for instance, keep the charm of the building, as well as making it feel spacious.

Making the most of its features and staying true to the original structure is favoured by not only the local authority, but potential buyers too. Although, you still have complete control on the design. Through old wooden beams or open-plan designs, you can mix the traditional elements with more contemporary tastes to create a cosy home.

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Barn Conversion In Countryside

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